About Allison

Allison has always had a flair for makeup and hair, beginning when she would cut her Barbie’s hair, and sneak into her Nanny’s makeup drawers. Those creations didn’t always turn out as planned, but to be fair it was the 80’s and she was still a child.

Allison really began getting into the beauty industry early on in high school, where she took a co-op class and worked at a local salon. She loved it. Her duties included washing hair, taking care of clients, and reception. She successfully completed the class, and was hired on as a part time staff member. Her love for hair styling was growing, but so was her love of makeup.

During her last year of high school, she applied for a job as a stylist with a photography studio, where she applied makeup, and gave hairstlyes to many women of all ages and ethnicities. This was where she not only fell deeply in love with doing makeup, she learned how much she loved to work with people on a personal basis.

After graduation, she applied to Sheridan college for their Cosmetic Techniques and Management program. She was determined that this was the route she wanted to take in life, and worked very hard to get accepted into a class that often has a large wait list. After being accepted to Sheridan, she packed her bags and moved to Oakville for what would begin as one of the most memorable experiences in her life.

Sheridan is a great school, and the 2 year program she was enrolled in was very thorough in making sure that students left with full knowledge of makeup application, business savvy, skin care, and so much more to give themselves an edge in a competitive field. Classes were often long and sometimes complex, like special effects classes or management, but she made her way through the 2 years with new knowledge and skills on which to develop her career.

Since college, jobs at Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique and The Bay have helped introduce Allison to many more product lines, and enabled her to take product training seminars for most of them. These seminars featured new and upcoming products, what makes them work, how to apply them, and also who they’re marketed towards. These have helped her gain knowledge needed to diagnose skin issues and what products will work best for them. She has freelanced for Dior, Guerlain, Shiseido, Smashbox, and many other brand name product companies.

Allison works full time providing a variety of makeup and beauty services, including photo shoots, theatre, fashion shows, print, weddings, manicures and pedicures, and makeup lessons. She lives in London, Ontario, Canada with her husband, 2 cats, and a heck of a lot of makeup!