New Oval Artis dupe brushes…Are they worth the risk?

There’s been a lot of buzz in the industry regarding a brand of makeup brushes by the name of Artis. These are a “toothbrush” style of brush featuring synthetic hair, tightly packed into an oval shape. These brushes are gorgeous, and there is even a set plated in 24k gold. The only problem is, the set will set you back $495 ( Now I am sure they are gorgeous luxury brushes, and it would be amazing to have them, but lets’s be serious here. Nearly $500 for a set of makeup brushes? That’s a luxury yours truly cannot afford! So, I shopped around and was able to find a set that is very similar, minus the gold handles, for a mere $14. So I bought that $14 set and hoped for the best.

Let’s go ahead and dive right in. These Artis dupes are pretty great for $14. I mean, are they fancy looking? No. Did they come in pretty packaging? No. Do they  work though? Heck yes! I am truly impressed by the set I received. The brushes are soft and the bristles are densely packed to make the makeup glide over your skin instead of settling into the brush hairs. They glide smoothly across my face, and distribute the makeup so quickly.

My favorite brushes in the set are the oval shaped ones (some are small and round, others look more like a really skinny toothbrush). These brushes do a great job on foundation, concealer, contour and highlighting, as well as blush and finishing powder. I enjoy the rounded bristles on the small round brush for eye shadow. it does a killer job in the crease, and puts the shadow exactly where I need it. I have yet to try any of the brushes on my lips, as I feel they are all a little too big for that, although someone with fuller lips may benefit. 

There are 2 smaller brushes that look like they may be used for eyeliner, but I don’t really like how thick the lines go on, although with practice, this might change. I tried one for brows, and it was pretty good, but I feel like I would stick with my angled brush for that. 

Having tried out the brushes a few times, I found that I’ll probably only use about 7 of them regularly, but those 7 are really great. 7 good brushes for $14 is still a fantastic deal! Most of the brushes come straight from China, and factory direct, saving you the cost of the middleman. I got mine from (…) and had free shipping. They arrived in about 2 weeks, which was great for free shipping. These types of brushes are also available from

I would highly recommend trying them out if you’re in the market for some new brushes. Have you tried these oval brushes? If so, let me know what you think of them!